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yeah sure, you're alive

but only because you're living off my pain

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many obsessions....trust me, you dont want me to name them all
"dead sluts", (not lesbain way), 13 going on 30, a walk to remember, acting, alex (amy), alias, all hallows eve, alyssa, alyssa milano, anjelina jolie, ashley, bad religion, beach, beef jerky!, being myself, being original, bestest buddie natalie (hillary), black and white, blink 182, blue pens, brian krause, brooke, candles, casey, chad michael murray, charmed, chelsea, cherry, chevelle, china town, classical music, coldplay, converse, cookies, craziness, dancing, dancing in the rain, daniella, david c, david s, dead makeup, dopey and grumpy, dressing up, dustin, dvds, earings, emporers new groove, faires, fairytales, famous quotes, finding nemo, fish, forever, glitter eyeliner, gray eyes, green chips, green day, guitar, gwen stefani, happily ever afters, happiness, having fun, hello kitty, holly marie combs, hollywood, insanity, insence, inside jokes, internet, jack and sally, jimmy eat world, john (josh), johnny depp, johnny knoxville, journalism, julian mcmahon, juliet, kermit, kevin, kisses, kroq, laughing, lip gloss, living in the moment, loser 1, loser 1/2, love, love at first sight, luci, mag, magic, mall, marilyn manroe, maroon 5, medival times, modest mouse, movies, movies with manda, mulan, natalie imbruglia, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm st., nine inch nails, nirvana, one tree hill, orlando bloom, pajamas, paradise, partying, peace, peter pan, photography, picture booths, pictures of my friends, poetry, rings, rose, sarah, sarah mclaughin, shannen doherty, shooting stars, sierras spoons!!, singing, skarktale, skate boarding, sleepover, smashing pumpkins, smile empty soul, smiling, solitare, starbucks, stars, stellaliciousness, streaks, sublime, surfing, text message, texting, the killers, the little mermaid, the offspring, the outsiders, true love, tummy (brandon), universal, vaughn, vincent van logan(obviously logan), water fights, winsome threesome!